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Twitter calls out Trump's 'Great Wall' plot twist

Social Cues: Also trending on social media are Huawei, for its Alexa-equipped phone, and an unfortunate typo in a tweet from Yahoo Finance.


One of President-elect Donald Trump's key campaign promises could have a plot twist.

During the campaign, the reality star turned politician guaranteed that the US would build a southern border wall and force Mexico to pay for it. On Friday, he changed his tune on who would be stuck with the bill.

Social Cues is our look at what's trending across Facebook and Twitter. Here's what people are talking about on Friday:

Great Wall: Trump has now named his Mexico border barrier as the "Great Wall" -- you know, like the one China already has. In a tweet on Friday, he also added a caveat to his huge campaign promise, saying Mexico would still pay for it, just later. Americans would foot the bill first -- "for sake of speed," he said -- and Mexico would pay the US back. People on Twitter were skeptical of the plan, still wondering how he would actually get the neighboring country to foot the bill. Former Mexican president Vincente Fox tweeted that Mexico would never pay for it.

Black Twitter: An unfortunate typo from Yahoo Finance on Twitter led to this trending topic on Friday morning. The tweet was supposed to be about Trump wanting a much bigger navy, but instead used the N-word. Yahoo Finance has since deleted the tweet and apologized for its mistake. Black Twitter, the term defined in The Atlantic as a group linked by connections to black culture, blasted the typo with jokes on what that navy would look like, with USS Hennessy and USS Deadass trending on Twitter as well. There were more than 579,000 people talking about Black Twitter on Friday morning.

Huawei: The Chinese electronics giant is trending on Facebook after announcing that its Mate 9 will be the first phone to feature Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. The phone is available starting Friday for $600. When it was first unveiled in Europe and Asia, the phone made headlines for its massive screen, two-camera setup and long-lasting battery. On Facebook, people were speculating how Alexa will play out on a phone, as the voice assistant was only on speakers and Amazon's tablets before. But if you've paid attention to CES, it looks like Alexa is getting ready to be on anything.

#JobsReport: A new Department of Labor jobs report showed that the US added 156,000 jobs in December, with unemployment staying steady at 4.7 percent. The hiring boost came in health care and social assistance, the department said. The economic news was trending on Twitter after economists had expected there to be 180,000 new jobs during December.

Chinese Super League: Soccer star John Obi Mikel is leaving Chelsea to join the Chinese Super League, the midfielder announced on Friday. Mikel had won multiple championships during his 10 years with Chelsea. He'll join the Chinese soccer league's club Tianjin Teda. The news is trending across Facebook as fans thanked Mikel for his time as Chelsea's midfielder.

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