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Top 15 movies not out on Blu-ray

Our list is starting to dwindle, but there are still some favorites that haven't been released yet on Blu-ray.

The long-awaited "Lawrence of Arabia" Blu-ray is due to launch fairly soon overseas, but there's no word on a U.S. release date. Sony Pictures

A couple of years ago, we had 40 movies on this list. But as new releases have arrived, we've gradually pruned the list, and today we're down to a mere 15 top movies that aren't out yet on Blu-ray.

Yes, there are several other great movies that still haven't gotten the Blu-ray treatment. But like I say with the top 40 must-have Blu-rays list, feel free to express your opinions, and if you have a legitimate case, I'll update the list with new picks.

For the latest round we've dropped "The Sting" and "Chariots of Fire," and several other movies, including "Jaws," "Titanic," and the "Indiana Jones Trilogy," are due to come off the list in the coming months because they're already available for preorder, so stay tuned for a big revamp of the list this fall.

Now, on to our remaining Blu-ray wish list. The movies are listed in alphabetical order, and we didn't include any TV shows.

Click on any image to start the slideshow see the picks.

Editors' note: This post was originally published May 18, 2010, although we update it fairly often. It was last updated July 16, 2012.