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Deflategate memes blow up with Tom Brady suspension

The suspended Patriots quarterback will have to sit at home for the first four games of next season thinking about what he's (allegedly) done. As always, the Internet swoops in to remind him.

One of the memes making the rounds after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's suspension was announced.FootBasket

It's only been a few hours since the NFL broke the news that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have to sit out the first four games of the next season for his alleged role in the team's scheme to deflate footballs.

However, the Internet couldn't wait to release some new and classic #Deflategate memes to bring Brady down a peg or two (as much as you can bring a star quarterback down who lives in a house that looks like the setting of a "Downton Abbey" episode with a wife who...um...who can...uh...I forgot what I was just talking about).

Brady haters wasted no time in dusting off some of the classic memes they used when Deflategate first became a media buzzword, like this one from @MissDivaSD on Twitter.


@RieMcAz brought back another classic, showing off the Super Bowl ring that Brady should have gotten instead of that jewel-encrusted symbol of unsportsmanlike conduct.


The suspension came just four days after the release of the "Wells Report," a 243-page report compiled by attorney Ted Wells regarding accusations of cheating against the Patriots during the AFC championship game earlier this year.

YouTuber FitzyGFY seems to know Pats fans all too well with his "S*** Pats Fans Say" series, including the one he released shortly after the release of the Wells Report. The video contains some words that might be NSFW for some people with more sensitive ears or a lack of adequate hatred for the Patriots.

Beth Brannon of Beth's Bloggy Blog posted a more fitting, four-day suspension for an all-star quarterback like Brady.

Beth Brannon/Tumblr

Twitter user Seinfeld Current Day gave hard-core "Seinfeld" fans a way to pile on Brady's antics. We say hard-core because only a true fan would like to remember the "Seinfeld" finale.

This meme from the NFL Memes Facebook page should get double points on the Internet (if and when the Internet starts giving out points for memes) for taking down two things that arguably deserve such scorn: Tom Brady and Coors Light.

NFL Memes/Facebook

Finally, I imagine the people who are most happy about Brady's suspension are the first four teams who will get to play the Patriots at the start of the regular season. The Twitter account Tom Brady's Ego, meanwhile, expressed its joy with an appropriate Vine.