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Internet agrees: Buzz Aldrin has the best #firstsevenjobs ever

Hey, all you summer-camp counselors out there yanking kids out of poison ivy. There's hope for you yet.

You might say he had a meteoric rise to the top. Or that he took one giant leap for mankind on the career ladder, just like his pal Neil.

Or maybe you can just appreciate the hope he can give to camp counselors everywhere who are currently making macrame lanyards and teaching sunburned kids how to canoe but dream of working in galaxies far away.

Former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin joined in the Twitter hashtag fun of #firstsevenjobs on Sunday, and the jobs he tweeted started out typical kid work and then took off like Apollo 11.

You may have noticed a slight difference there between Job No. 2 and Job No. 3.

Astronaut Terry Virts got in on the fun too, though it took him a couple more steps to get to "fighter pilot."

Dishwashers and counselors of the world, don't lose hope. Perhaps you too can one day rocket to the top.