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Tinder's emojis and GIFs find their way to users' hearts

Follow up the swipe right with a happy face or a beer mug to keep the good times rolling.

Tinder's most used emoji is the smiling face.

Let's be honest: Most people aren't on Tinder to find a partner to discuss Russian literature. Or string theory. Or the strength of the dollar.

That's why this might be good news for those who hate small talk: Using an emoji or GIF will make your match 30 percent more likely to respond, Tinder found this week.

The dating app's been collecting data on how users take advantage of emojis and GIFs since it added those functionalities via Giphy earlier in the year. It turns out 20 percent of first messages include a GIF or emoji, and conversations featuring those graphical elements go on twice as long as those without.

So if you want to start talking and keep talking to your match, think beyond the alphabet.

You won't be alone. Tinder users have sent more than 100 million GIFs globally, and one in three conversations has at least one emoji.

Social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have rolled out features like GIF keyboards, emojis and stickers to keep up with the flood of images into modern communication. Services like Giphy have integration with everything from Google's Chrome browser to the iPhone's Messages.

And in a stunningly tame turn of events, Tinder's most popular emojis are smiling faces, celebration hands and clinking beer glasses.