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Time waster: Cloth made by robots

Mmm, robotic cloth.

How would real cloth react? This might not be the best way to find out, but it sure is fun. CNET Networks

While having a fast gaming rig lets you experience games with high frame speeds and ridiculous polygon counts, there are some simple pleasures in the realm of Flash gaming. For such an endeavor, check out this cloth physics simulation created by Web developer Jeff Nusz.

The "tool" (as I'll call it loosely, since you're likely not worried about air speed effects on large pieces of cloth frequently enough to use it) lets you futz about with an imaginary cloth that can be resized and put up against a fan. You can tune the speed of the fan, all the way to hurricane strength, which will keep smaller sized cloths nearly parallel with the ground.

The entire experience is only limited by the size of the testing room--which unfortunately cannot be altered. Just remember, if someone catches you playing with it just tell them you're using it to buy curtains.

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