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Time Warner Cable app comes to Kindle Fire -- sorry, Apple TV

The TWC TV app brings live channels and videos on demand to the Amazon tablet, leaving Apple TV users waiting again.

James Martin/CNET

Time Warner Cable added Kindle Fire to the list of devices that can access its TWC TV app, which enables subscribers to stream live channels and watch videos on demand.

Last week, Time Warner Cable's incoming Chief Executive Rob Marcus said the company would add another platform to its TWC TV app, after support for Apple TV had been rumored all year.

Marcus, speaking on December 9, also teased that the platform addition would be coming "in the next several days," which furrowed some brows when no announcement was made last week.

Wednesday, Time Warner Cable also updated the stats of the TWC TV app's content, saying it had 5,000 on-demand options and 300 live television channels.

The TWC TV app is already available on Roku, Xbox 360, Samsung smart TVs, and iOS and Android devices, as well as on PCs.