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Time running out for anti-CDA groups

Time is running out for anticensorship groups opposed to the Communications Decency Act attached to the Telecommuncations Reform bill. The House has approved the rule governing debate on the legislation by a vote of 337 to 80.

The Telecommunications Act has already passed preliminary voting in the House by a margin of 337 to 80. As time runs out to change the wording or excise the Communications Decency Act from the bill, opponents claim the fight to stop censorship on the Net will move from Capitol Hill to the courts.

Writing the CDA into law will impose a speech standard on the Net and dumb down public discourse to a level appropriate for children, said officials at the Voters Telecommunications Watch organization.

The group is making a last-ditch effort to stop the CDA. Opponents of the measure should get in touch with members of Congress and the Senate immediately, even though chances of stopping the bill are slim, said a VTW alert.