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Time for public humiliation: If I get one more resume that I have to unsubscribe to I will publish your names

Spamming your resume is not a great idea if you really want a job.

I wrote awhile back about this cursed trend of spamming your resume. I got five of these today and guess what? Not only am I not going to hire you but I am going to start publishing your names as people who are clearly unable to manage their careers so that they have to rely on SPAM tactics to annoy hiring companies.

And guess what morons? I am not the hiring manager for every job at my company. So, the least you can do is research it and spam the right person.

By the way, all of this resume spam still comes from this Business Link International that forces me to unsubscribe to every single person individually.

We don't use foul language here at CNet, but if we did, I would tell you stupid motherfletchers to muck off and die.