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Kaine you even? Tim Kaine could be the punniest VP pick ever

Puns fly on Twitter as Hillary Clinton names Kaine her vice presidential candidate of choice. Or is that Kaindidate?

Kaine is able. He's a Kaine-do guy. Yes he Kaine, that Citizen Kaine.

Moments after Hillary Clinton announced Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her vice presidential pick Friday, the puns started flying on Twitter. And they don't show any sign of letting up, despite the fact that Virginia has already heard all the jokes related to Kaine's name, thank you very much.

There are, of course, countless serious tweets both for and against the man chosen to run alongside the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. There are links to biographical pieces, analyses of his stand on the issues, commentaries and fact-checks.

But because we kaine always count on Twitter to be the open mic of the internet, there are also suggested song titles -- "Rock Me Like a Hillary-Kaine" and "I Kaine(t) Fight This Feelin' Anymore," to name a couple on the pun playlist. And movie ideas like "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kaine" and "The Kaine Mutiny."

We've collected a handful of Kaine-inspired puns for you to punder. Enjoy. Or just groan.