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7 things everybody thinks at the mall

In the first installment of our social trends du jour, we marvel at how Twitter's #WhatILearnedAtTheMall says exactly what you were thinking.

You know what Twitter is good for? Tweets from bears. Making you laugh. Telling it like it is.

Twitter, Reddit, Instagram -- these social networks are overlooked goldmines of our collective social psyche. I, Jason Parker, have made it my mission to bring you the best and the worst of social networks, simply and purely for your enjoyment. We'll publish these posts throughout the day, so consider them coffee breaks for your brain.

First topic of the day: The mall. Yes, the mall. That social center for teens everywhere, the place we retreat when it's cold, or cool off in when it's hot. The spot where you, very soon, will flock for holiday gifts. It's the magical place filled with food courts, Orange Julius and Cinnabon. According to Twitter, it's also a place to gain important knowledge, with the popular hashtag this morning: #WhatILearnedAtTheMall.

Too true, Neal! What happened to the days of huge arcades and stacking your quarters on the machine to get the next game? I guess consoles happened, is what. Pretty much.

Yeah, I know, this GIF is not new. I saw this on Reddit a long time ago, but I think it's still pretty clever. I love how the girl is mortified that she's taking part in this guy's silliness.

Oh, man. The mall date. I cringe just thinking about it, but it's the best thing you got going at that age. Here's to you mall daters...there's no use fighting it; it's going to be awkward.

Even though you say "Awww!" TheValuesVoter, somehow I don't think you appreciate the slow family in front of you as much as you want us to believe. We're with you TVV, we're with you.

You're not kidding JerryRizzo, I'm having flashbacks of shopping with my mom and sister as a kid. When you're on the inside of one of those things looking out through the clothes, you know you've reached a new level of boredom.

Wise words, Jordan. They always get you though, don't they?

This is the top-rated tweet for this hashtag and it's easily the silliest of all. What more is there to say about what can be learned at the mall?

Check back throughout the day, everyday for more social trends as I come across them.