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There once was a start-up from Frisco...

Six start-ups pitch their new online products, in limerick.

The last SFBeta party featured CEOs pitching their company concepts in Haiku. Note to other party organizers: Quiet, contemplative Haiku is not the best format for a crowd of young, frat-boyish entrepreneurs...who've been drinking.

So at the most recent SFBeta party, organizer Christian Perry (from Zaptix) changed the poetry form to limerick. Much better! Bawdy rhymes tend to cut through barroom chatter more sharply than soft leaves underfoot.

Sending big files was a chore
Burn CDs, then FedEx? No more!
No more FTP mess
Or clogged in-box stress
With YouSendIt, your business will soar!

YouSendIt is a service to send files that are too big to go through e-mail. I covered it previously.

There once was a girl named Sue.
She fancies good photos, don't you?
To LikeBetter she went
And her mind was bent:
How did it so surmise her virtue?

LikeBetter is a Hot or Not meets Rorschach testing. It asks you, several times, which of two photos you like better, and then it tries to tell you something about yourself from your selections. I played along for a while, and it surmised I was a teenager. Whoops. I kept going, and just as boredom was about to overtake me, it said, "You're a guy." Brilliant! Next...

I work at a little company called Joyent
With applications available wherever jill went
Our CFO says we're profitable
While I sit and wax philosophical
Any one else care to take off and get bent?

It's a good thing that Joyent makes a decent small-business office suite (see my review), because this is just about the worst limerick I have ever heard.

There once was a site that got big
It was linked to on Slashdot and Digg
but after a spell
the Web site fell
"HostedLabs to the rescue" -- our gig

A hosting service for Web companies.

There once was a girl from Boise
who loved to buy clothes from Paree
to keep up with the trends
and the looks that are in
she checks up on Shoutfit daily!

Shoutfit is a community site focused on fashion. It's still in closed beta, unfortunately, and I did not get access in time to review it.

There once was a girl from Cuba
A band geek who played the tuba
But her skin cleared up
She bought herself a C cup
Now she shows off her tatas on Guba.

Of these companies, Guba is the most relevant for consumers--it's a movie-viewing and download service that's live right now. And, it has a deal to show content from Warner Bros. Entertainment Group to show.

I spent most of yesterday at the Under the Radar conference on Mobility, and I saw a few really interesting companies working on mobile Internet access and digital imaging. I'll cover those shortly.