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The week ahead: HP earnings, LinuxWorld in store

These are some of the notable tech-related events scheduled for the week of Aug. 14-18.

Following are some of the notable tech-related events scheduled for the week of Aug. 14-18.

The LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, to be held in San Jose, will feature speakers Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computer, and Larry Augustin, founder and president of VA Linux Systems.

The conference comes at a time when Hewlett-Packard, Dell and IBM have added Linux to the list of operating systems they are promoting.

Other events this week include earnings announcements from HP and Novell.

The information was gathered from First Call/Thomson Financial, StreetEvents, Hoover's and CNET Investor.

Monday, Aug. 14

Economic reports:

Business inventories for June are expected to rise 0.5 percent from May.


Automatic Data Processing provides securities transaction processing for brokerage firms and other computing and data services. Per-share consensus estimate: 35 cents.

FirstCom provides telephone services in Chile, Columbia and Peru; it owns and operates fiber-optic cables. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A

Network Appliance makes file servers that store and deliver data over high-traffic networks. Per-share consensus estimate: 8 cents.

Pegasystems makes software that helps companies set up accounts, retrieve records and interact with customers. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of 1 cent.

RMI.Net provides dedicated and dial-up Internet access to small and midsize businesses and homes. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A

SCB Computer Technologies provides information technology services to Fortune 500 companies. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A

TenFold provides e-business software to banks and others in the financial industry. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of 2 cents.

Toys "R" Us is an online and offline retailer of children's toys, furniture and clothing. Per-share consensus estimate: 0 cents.

Value America Sells discounted computers, software, electronics and other office supplies. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of 55 cents. sells vitamins and other health products through its Web site. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of 42 cents.

Other events:

Actuate will split its shares 2-for 1. The company sells software that allows companies to publish reports and information on the Internet and internal networks.

Tuesday, Aug. 15

Economic reports:

Industrial production for July is expected to rise 0.3 percent from June.


BEA Systems makes Java-based software used for developing and integrating e-commerce applications with older client-server and legacy software. Per-share consensus estimate: 4 cents.

BlueWave Systems develops digital signal processing systems based on microprocessors from semiconductor makers such as Texas Instruments and Motorola. Per-share consensus estimate: 7 cents.

Computer Network Technology makes products that connect diverse kinds of computers and storage devices into storage area networks. Per-share consensus estimate: 7 cents.

CoreComm resells wireless and landline long-distance services, local wireless and paging services, and prepaid wireless service, primarily in Ohio. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A

Lycos is an Internet portal recently bought by Terra Networks, the Internet arm of Spain's Telefonica. Per-share consensus estimate: 8 cents.

OSI Systems makes optoelectronic devices used for a variety of products, from laser printers to medical devices. Per-share consensus estimate: 11 cents.

SBS Technologies makes products that let computers interface with avionics used in aircraft, missiles, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. Per-share consensus estimate: 36 cents.

Other events:

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo (Tuesday and Wednesday) is a conference in San Jose, Calif., with speakers including Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computer, and Larry Augustin, president and CEO of VA Linux Systems.

Wednesday, Aug. 16

Economic reports:

The consumer price index for July is expected to rise 0.1 percent from June. The so-called core CPI is expected to rise 0.2 percent. Housing starts for July are expected to top 1.550 million units. Building permits for July are expected to top 1.5 million, according to


Daktronics makes computer-programmable information display systems such as scoreboards and shot clocks. Per-share consensus estimate: 23 cents.

Hewlett-Packard makes and sells computers, printers and computer-related services. Per-share consensus estimate: 85 cents.

Internet Initiative Japan provides Internet access and Web services for large corporations in Japan. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A

Novell connects desktop PCs to corporate networks and makes network management software. Per-share consensus estimate: 2 cents. makes educational software and operates an online community for students and teachers. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of 32 cents.

Synopsys assists designers of integrated circuits and electronic systems. Per-share consensus estimate: 63 cents.

TTI Team Telecom makes products for telecommunications companies to manage their networks. Per-share consensus estimate: 17 cents.

Thursday, Aug. 17

Economic reports:

Initial claims for unemployment benefits are expected to reach 288,000 for the week ended Aug. 12.


Advanced Digital Information makes automatic tape libraries and sells cables and other accessories to companies such as Dell and Ingram Micro. Per-share consensus estimate: 14 cents.

Agile Software makes Web-based software suites that help companies update and manage product content throughout the manufacturing supply chain. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of 4 cents.

Concurrent Computer makes hardware and software for real-time and video-on-demand applications. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of 3 cents.

Petco is a retailer of pet supplies and part owner of online pet supply site Per-share consensus estimate: 22 cents.

Portal Software (PRSF) Makes customer management and billing software for providers of Internet-based services. Per-share consensus estimate: 1 cent.

Friday, Aug. 18

Economic reports:

The U.S. trade balance is expected to show a deficit of $31.5 billion.

Also scheduled to announce earnings this week:

Amplidyne makes power amplifiers for wireless and satellite communications. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A

Concentrex provides online banking software for small businesses and financial institutions. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A

Divine Interventures is a Net incubator company. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A is an online health site. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of 20 cents. provides digital maps and other travel guides. Per-share consensus estimate: N/A

Verio provides Internet access through dial-up and DSL (digital subscriber line), as well as Web hosting and other services. Per-share consensus estimate: loss of $1.06.