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The top moments from Microsoft's Windows 10 event

Microsoft showed off its new desktop operating system and other projects it's been working on.

Microsoft's Windows 10 event gave us a deeper look at the company's new operating system, including hot new features like Cortana on the desktop and Project Spartan.

The event ran hours long, but you don't have to sit through the entire thing just to see the best moments, because we did that for you.

Check out the clips below for the most interesting and important moments from the show.

First, Windows 10 is going to be a free upgrade for customers with modern Windows devices.

Now playing: Watch this: Windows 10 is a free upgrade for existing Windows customers

Next, Continuum makes Windows 10 run better on touchscreen computers and convertible tablets.

Now playing: Watch this: Continuum helps Windows 10 play nice with touch and peripherals

Cortana is coming to the desktop in Windows 10.

Now playing: Watch this: Windows 10 will feature Cortana

Microsoft is building a version of Windows 10 for smartphones.

Now playing: Watch this: Microsoft shows off Windows 10 on a Lumia smartphone

We get a first look at Microsoft's new browser, Project Spartan.

Now playing: Watch this: Microsoft unveils new browser Project Spartan

You can now play Xbox games on your Windows 10 PC or tablet.

Now playing: Watch this: Now you can play Xbox games on Windows 10 PCs or tablets

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Hub, a new 84-inch 4K display that includes dual cameras, high-tech sensors and stylus support.

Now playing: Watch this: Microsoft announces Surface Hub

Microsoft plays with virtual reality with Windows Holographic and HoloLens.

Now playing: Watch this: HoloLens and Windows Holographic put holograms in your...

Finally, see the HoloLens in action. You can interact with holograms all around you.

Now playing: Watch this: See Microsoft's Holographic computing in action