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The software trinity explained

An artist has captured Linus Torvalds, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in their natural states--omnipotent, saintly, and worship-worthy.

The holy ones...Linus Torvalds, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. Jeff Crouse

Update at 1:25 p.m. PDT May 23: More information on the piece has been added.

Call them a "holy trinity" or the "three wise men of software"--one way or another you will eventually give these guys all your money and continue to worship at their respective altars.

The EyeBeam Gallery in New York's Chelsea neighborhood has been showing a piece of art that captures Linus Torvalds, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates (along with a tiny, cherubic Steve Ballmer) as icons, in the original sense of word.

Jeff Crouse, the artist who conceptualized the piece, said the triptych doesn't have a name. It was part of an installation called Praying@Home. (His intern, Jennifer Jacobs, is the person who actually painted the trio.)

Unfortunately, the piece is no longer on display at EyeBeam. However, you can eternally gaze upon these saints right here.

(Via iPhone Savior)

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