'The Simpsons' pays tribute to 'Adventure Time' in couch gag

Bart, Homer, Lisa, Maggie, Mr. Burns and even Santa's Little Helper are reimagined as "Adventure Time" characters in the Season 28 premiere of "The Simpsons."

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

"The Simpsons" couch gags often pay homage to other beloved TV series, whether it be "Futurama" or even "Breaking Bad."

To kick off Season 28 of "The Simpsons," Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie, and the rest of Springfield transform into fantastical characters that look like the Cartoon Network animated series, "Adventure Time."

In the video "Simpsons Time," Bart is Finn, Homer is Jake, Lisa is Marceline (playing her saxophone instead of Marceline's guitar) and Maggie is Princess Bubblegum. Marge, her sisters, Chief Wiggum and other Springfield residents also play various citizens of the Candy Kingdom.

Mr. Burns is perfectly cast as the Ice King, while Smithers plays the odd role of Tree Trunks. Even the Simpsons' pet dog Santa's Little Helper gets to be Lady Rainicorn.

The couch gag has plenty of Easter Eggs including the sword in the "Adventure Time" logo, which is replaced by the glowing carbon rod Homer always seems to be dropping on the job.

"Adventure Time" creator Pendleton Ward also lends his voice to the couch gag by singing the theme song about Bart the Human and a Dog named Homer, rounding out this delightful tribute.