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The path to wellness


The growth of the Web has made health information more accessible than ever. Take a tour through our virtual doctor's office to find some places to start your hunt for information online. (Note: This is only a sampling of sites, and NEWS.COM does not necessarily endorse any of them.)

An apple a day
Sites that offer general health information and reference material

American Medical Association's selected links to reference sites.
Medical Matrix's great library of clinical and health information, plus lots of links.
Center for Disease Control's Disease Information Page provides information on specific illnesses.
Iowa Heath Book has a searchable database of medical information.
Multimedia Medical Reference Library lists links to online health journals and hospitals, has a searchable database of symptoms and diseases, and allows online chat.
MedAccess Page provides databases of healthcare providers, health and insurance information, as well as interactive quizzes and a newsletter that covers health and fitness issues.
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Take two and call in the morning
Sites about specific drugs and pharmaceutical companies

Baxter International
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Medical Matrix's Prescription Assistance Resources links to sites that discuss the pros and cons of certain medicine, searchable databases, and lists of the top 200 prescriptions.
MedicineNet explains a list of common prescription drugs.
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Just what the doctor ordered
Links that provide advice and answers to users' medical questions

Go Ask Alice, the Columbia University Health Question & Answer Service. Past answers are archived by subject; only selected questions will be answered.
Dr. Greene's House Calls, a user-friendly site that answers questions about pediatric medicine as well as providing a searchable database of previous questions and answers.
American Heart Association's interactive quiz determines your risk of heart disease, and shows graphically how you compare to the average and ideal.
Physician Consultations allows you to email doctors who will give opinions and answer questions.
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Someone to watch over me
Sites that help consumers make insurance choices and provide rate and purchasing options

The U.S. Health Care Delivery System is a nice outline of the way the American health system works. It includes history and definitions of many acronyms including HMO and PPO.
InsWeb calls itself the gateway to the insurance industry. It provides consumer rate and purchasing information.
Healthscope, a California site that helps consumers understand health plan options.
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