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The next company to introduce a smartwatch: Adidas

The sports company is giving Nike, with its FuelBand, a run for its money. Its own wrist device will be available November 1.

The Adidas smartwatch is set to go on sale November 1, for $399.
Claudia Cruz/CNET
SAN FRANCISCO -- The wrist is all the rage.

On Wednesday at the Mobilize conference here, sports company Adidas announced a new smartwatch geared toward runners.

The company expects the watch to be available starting November 1, for $399.

Unlike Samsung's Galaxy Gear, or rumors about Apple's supposed iWatch, Adidas' watch will have a more honed-down focus, said Paul Gaudio, head of Adidas Interactive. "We're not trying to make a smartwatch; we're trying to make the smartest running watch," he said. "When you're out playing sports, you want less stuff -- only what you need to perform."

The watch will record the basics a runner would want: how far you went, how fast. But it will also perform coaching and training based on your heart rate. The runner will also be able to hear an audio coach through headphones, and listen to music through the watch.

The athletic wearables space is especially heating up of late. On Monday, Nike announced the FuelBand SE.