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Evernote's new app: Fewer taps, more color and better speed

An update to Evernote's iOS app brings a minimalist interface and easier-to-use features.

Evernote released a new version of its iOS app.
Screenshot by Patrick Holland/CNET

Evernote on Tuesday released the latest iOS version of its note-taking and organization app. Evernote 8.0 seeks to make the user experience faster and simpler.

The last year hasn't been great for Evernote. In July, there was backlash against the company's new pricing structure. Last month, after an uproar over changes to its privacy policy, Evernote did a full about-face and created an action plan to address users' concerns.

So Tuesday's announcement can definitely be seen as a positive for fans of the productivity app. Evernote's "design and engineering teams set out to reimagine the Evernote experience from the ground up," according to a blog post on its website.

The overhaul is focused on making things faster, simpler and more intuitive for users. Added features include:

  • separate business and personal accounts
  • new colors and styles
  • faster access to notes
  • simpler ways to add media

All of this is contained within a new minimalist interface. Obviously, all of Evernote's claims are untested until we get to spend some time with it. Evernote 8.0 is available for download from Apple's App Store. No word on an update to its Android app.

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