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Hottest Android apps in September

iOS users, don't run away. Every trending app in the Google Play store has an iOS version, too.

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Everyone is always looking for awesome apps for their phone or tablet. We talked to Google to find out what Android apps are trending in the Google Play store. It turns out that every trending app also has an iOS equivalent, so iPhone users might find new apps, too. Here's what we found out:

7. Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie: The app lets you send video messages to your friends. Just be careful when signing up, you don't wind up spamming your entire contacts list. (iOS version)

6. Sing! Karaoke by Smule: Sing your heart out with a selection of songs. (iOS version)

5. Google Trips: Automatically manage your trips as long as you're a Gmail user with this app. Best of all, trip data can be stored offline in case your connection is lost. (iOS version)

4. Mercari: Buy and sell whatever you want right from an Android device. (iOS version)

3. at Bat: Since it's playoff time for Major League Baseball, lots of people are downloading this app. (iOS version)

2. It's another live-streaming app, but this one is from the folks at (iOS version)

1. Google Allo: Google's newest messaging app is like a more fun version of Google Hangouts. (iOS version)