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The dream classroom

A truly interactive program in schools involves more than just adding computers to classrooms. Click below to find out more about each element.

The dream classroom
By Jeff Quan
October 16, 1997, 6:00 a.m. PT

interactive graphic   A well-rounded, tech-integrated program in schools involves more than just adding computers to classrooms. This illustration shows why.

The dream classroom
ParentsTeacher's aidTeacher
Tech supportStudents
The wired classroom

Classroom setup
The ideal interactive classroom has much more than computers. Integrated seamlessly into the learning environment are: books, an art center, a computer center, a musical instrument (e.g., a piano), and a white board.

Volunteer in the classroom and offer technical expertise. Help get corporate contributions. Reinforce the school's goals at home by tutoring children and ensuring that they practice.

Follow up on wiring schools with funding for: teacher training, modernization, and tech support.

Writes and implements technology plan for school. Seeks community/parent input, forms tech committee. Puts computers in classrooms, not labs. Mandates teacher training.

Private industry
Donates hardware, software, Net connections--based on communication with schools about what they need. Helps schools set up equipment. Partners with schools to train teachers. Lends tech support to schools.

School Board member
Implement tech plans for district. Approve budget line items for tech support staff for each school.

Use the Net and books to research; know how to weed out the best resources. Collaborate on projects with students in other schools via the Net.

Uses the computer as an administrative tool. Works with tech integrator to see how computers/Net can enhance curriculum. Considers computer as a component when creating lesson plans.

Teacher's aide
Helps teacher work with groups of students and assists with physically disabled, learning disabled, and ESL students. Helps teacher keep up with the various learning levels of students.

Tech integrator
Helps teachers plan and execute projects that involve use of technology. Holds one-on-one teacher training sessions. Keeps ongoing list of useful Web sites for educators.

Tech support
Comes to the aid of teachers who are having tech trouble. Every campus should have at least one who is not also a teacher. 

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