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The best IFTTT recipes for business travelers

You'll be so on top of email that your colleagues will have no idea you're sitting on a beach.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Traveling is a hassle -- especially if you're attempting to travel and work at the same time. Luckily, my favorite automation service IFTTT -- "IF This, Then That" -- can help automate some of the work travel tasks we all face to make trips run smoother.

IFTTT connects services and apps, allowing you to create if/then recipes that will automatically perform tasks when a trigger action occurs. You can't (and shouldn't) automate everything, but there are plenty of mundane tasks -- such as logging miles or texting you when you get an important email -- that IFTTT can help with. Here are some of my favorite IFTTT recipes for work travel, whether it's a business trip or a workcation.

Track mileage, hours and expenses

If you have the Dash device installed in your car, this recipe automatically tracks all of your miles and puts them into a Google Spreadsheet:


This recipe helps you track your work hours in a Google Spreadsheet. To start tracking, just press the button in the Do Button app; to stop tracking, simply press it again.


With the Do Camera app, you can use this recipe to send photos of receipts directly to Evernote:


If you'd rather not use a separate camera app for expense tracking, this recipe makes it so any photos you add to an iOS folder named "Expenses" will be logged to Evernote:


Master email

Email is essential for business travelers, and IFTTT can help you stay (relatively) on top of your inbox while you're jet-lagged and on the road. Plug your boss' email address into this recipe and you'll get a text whenever you get an email from that address:


Keep your boss and coworkers in the loop with this IFTTT Do recipe that lets you send someone your location via email:


If you're traveling overseas and cannot receive calls, you can still get your missed calls delivered via email (Android only). This way, you can call back clients and colleagues using Google Voice or Skype (or just send them an email).