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Thanksgiving Turkey Talk on the Web

Thanksgiving in cyberspace is much like it is in real life: the focus is on food. As you might expect, Butterball, whose toll-free Turkey Talk Line has responded to more than 1.7 million turkey-related calls since its inception, weighs in with a comprehensive Web site stuffed with cooking tips, recipes, turkey trivia, and an audio clip of a real live turkey gobbling.

Not to be outdone by the competition, Honeysuckle White's site features entertaining ideas, turkey FAQs, and information about the company's charitable More to Share program.

Traditional feasters can get the lowdown on cranberries at The REAL Cranberry HomePage (the Ocean Spray home page is still under construction).

Those with special dietary needs are not without online assistance. Strict vegetarians can access a special pumpkin pie recipe, and those watching their weight can forgo the edibles and get cranberry, nutmeg, and pumpkin-pie scented candles from the Pilgrim Candle Company.