Thank you for voting! Especially all you teenage girls.

Webware 100 voting is closed. Winners to be announced June 18.

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Rafe Needleman

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User voting for the Webware 100 awards closed this morning. Thanks to everyone who voted!

We will announce the winners next week, on June 18, if all goes according to plan. We're going to use the week to write up the winners and go through our voting database to make sure all the votes are legit.

Meantime, some early observations: There were 489,467 votes cast in the Webware 100. The most popular category was Community, due in large part to the overwhelming number of votes cast for the teen social network, Gaia Online. In the entertainment category, Stardoll, another site with a teen-girl demographic, demolished its competition. It's a good thing there will be 10 winners in each category.

And with that in mind, I am considering the launch of Webware's first spinoff site: Webware OMG, to cater to what is clearly the real power demographic on the Web.