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Texas prepares to enact law that lets people sue Facebook, Twitter

The bill is awaiting the governor's signature and comes after a judge blocked a similar law in Florida.

Donald Trump and social media
Texas is about to let residents sue Twitter and other social media platforms.
James Martin/CNET

Texas is close to creating a law that would allow the Lone Star state's residents to sue Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media companies if they've been banned from the platforms for their political views. The bill has passed the state's legislature. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign it, according to USA Today.

It's similar to a Florida law that was blocked by a federal judge in June one day before it took effect. US District Judge Robert Hinkle said the law was too broadly written and found that promoting one viewpoint while restricting another isn't a legitimate state interest.

The bills surfaced after the high-profile banning of President Donald Trump on Twitter and Facebook after the deadly Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill. Some conservatives argue that the social media companies censor content for ideological reasons -- a claim repeatedly denied by the companies.

Twitter declined to comment, while Facebook and YouTube didn't respond to requests for comment.