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Telstra announces new bundles for its national Wi-Fi network

As Telstra formally launches its customer-only national Wi-Fi network, now called Telstra Air, home broadband plans have been announced for people who want to take their data allowance out for a walk.


When it comes to Telstra's national Wi-Fi rollout, it's just like when your mum warned you about drugs: The first taste is always free.

Newly rebranded as Telstra Air, the network is leaving behind its free trial period and is now exclusive to Telstra customers who opt-in for sharing their home broadband via an Air-enabled "Home Gateway" compatible modem.

Telstra has helpfully launched a range of new home broadband bundles that are "Air-ready." These give you access to any of the Wi-Fi hotspots around Australia along with a Telstra T-Box and even a subscription to the Presto video on demand service.

For AU$89 a month on a 24-month plan, you get 200GB of data, the Gateway Max modem, a Telstra T-Box and six months of Presto. It includes local and national calls to fixed line numbers and will cost a minimum of AU$2,195 over the two years.

The next step up is AU$119 and has all of the above, but with 500GB of data and a total minimum cost of AU$2,915.

The final XL tier offers 1TB of download allowance and the Platinum Pro helpdesk service. That's AU$149 per month -- a minimum of AU$3,635 for the 24 months.

You can also add Foxtel to any of these. That's an extra AU$20 a month and lets you pick a single Foxtel package from the range of options. You'll also pay a one-off equipment and installation fee of either AU$150 for the iQHD set-top box or AU$200 for the iQ3.