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Telling stories in bite-size Capzles

Start-up uses Flash to create Web-based linear story lines from video clips, photos, and audio files.

Capzles takes the idea of telling a story with a photo album or a vacation video and puts it all into one multimedia package.

The start-up calls its product "social storytelling." Of course, this means the stories you make with its Web-based authoring tool are eminently shareable with anyone and everyone.


Using a patent-pending Flash-based technology, photos, video clips, and audio files are uploaded to Capzlesin a linear, chronological strip. Each image or file can be scrolled through horizontally and selected. Each can have a caption, links, and a blog.

It seems best suited for creating stories in an episodic fashion, rather than for sharing single photos or videos. There are a variety of premade backgrounds, themes, and fonts to choose from if you're not the supercreative type. And if you are, there's a color picker and a gradient tool for designing a Capzle from scratch.

Capzles is also a place to look for Capzles made by other people. Users can search by topic or keyword for others' stories they've created. Besides a typical listing of results, the results are also presented in a timeline fashion to find specific stories created at a certain point in time.

The site is still in private beta.