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Tell Google you're feeling curious for fun facts

Now you can search Google even when you have nothing in particular to search for.

Along with its new sans-serif logo, Google has a new search trick up its sleeve. Type in "I'm feeling curious" or simply "fun facts" and Google will hit you with a fact box with a random fact. Below the fact summary is a link to the source of the fact.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Click the blue Ask Another Question button for another fun fact and you now have at your disposal an entirely new way to waste time on the Internet.

In addition, the I'm Feeling Lucky button now has a slot-machine feel to it. Mouse over the button and it will spin and land on another feeling. For instance, I'm Feeling Wonderful opens a World Wonders page on the Google Cultural Institute, while I'm Feeling Doodley opens the Google Doodle archive. Other examples include I'm Feeling Hungry opening a search for local restaurants and I'm Feeling Stellar opening a Google Earth page with Google's 20 favorite images from the Hubble Telescope.