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If Moses could breakdance: A modern video take on Passover

Israel's Technion uses tech tricks to tell the story of the holiday, 2016-style. This definitely isn't your grandma's haggadah.

How does Israel's version of MIT tell the Passover story? With a high-tech light show, of course.

The eight-day holiday, which commemorates the Jews' liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt, begins next Friday. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology posted a video to YouTube and Facebook Wednesday that tells the basics of the story with motion-gesture graphics and other special effects. And some breakdancing synched with the digital imagery to pull it all together.

The dancer starts the storytelling by drawing Egyptian pyramids in the air using only his hands. He then reaches up to manifest a digital shovel and starts faux-digging with it to represent the hard labor the Jews escaped on leaving Egypt behind. The video even includes fancy digital representations of the Ten Plagues -- boils, hail, lice and other unpleasantries -- that befell the Egyptians for refusing to let the Jews go, according to the biblical tale.

This isn't the first time Technion has gotten creative for Passover. Last year, another Technion video, showing a Passover Seder Rube Goldberg machine, went viral.