Techmeme, influential site for tech news, is launching podcast

Silicon Valley’s favorite news aggregation site is expanding, with a daily podcast called Techmeme Ride Home.

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The website Techmeme is launching a podcast.

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If you work in the tech industry (or cover it, like I do) then you probably know about Techmeme. It's a news aggregation website that's popular among those in Silicon Valley, gathering up the biggest headlines of the day, with links and short descriptions. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly reads it every day.

Now it's expanding beyond its bare-bones site with a new project: a daily podcast called Techmeme Ride Home.

Techmeme creator Gabe Rivera announced the podcast Tuesday. It will air Monday through Friday at 5pm ET, and will last around 15 to 20 minutes. Brian McCullough, host of the Internet History podcast, will host Ride Home. He'll talk about the day's top tech stories, discuss commentary around the news and read a few tweets (one of the mainstays of the website).

"Even if you're an active Techmeme reader, the host's focus on news angles and internet commentary makes for a very additive experience to the news you're already seeing," Rivera wrote.

Techmeme launched in 2005 and is reportedly planning to expand even further. An email newsletter is in the works as well, according to Fast Company