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TechCrunch50: The day 3 schedule

With DemoFall over and done with, the TechCrunch50 has the spotlight to itself for its final day of start-up presentations.

It's the final day of the TechCrunch50 conference, which, like rival DemoFall, provides a venue for start-ups to strut their stuff.

TechCrunch50 logo

CNET News is providing full-on coverage of both TechCrunch50, taking place in San Francisco, and DemoFall, which wrapped up Tuesday in San Diego. You can find it all on our comprehensive Launch Week page.

Here are the presenters queued up for TechCrunch50 on Wednesday:

• Akoha (Presented by Austin Hill and Alex Eberts)
• Bojam (Presented by Andrew Greenstein and Eyal Hertzong)
• CauseCast (Presented by Ryan Scott and Sloane Berrent)
• Closet Couture (Presented by Christine Elia and Sheldon Chang)
• Foglight (Presented by Ben Crockett and Jason Peery)
• Footnote (Presented by Russ Wilding and Brian Hansen)
• Fotonauts (Presented by Jean-Marie Hullot)
• Goodguide (Presented by Dara O'Rourke)
• Goodrec (Presented by Mihir Shah and Yishai Lerner)
• GoPlanit (Presented by Steve Chen and Jimmy Ku)
• Grockit (Presented by Farbood Nivi and Michael Buffington)
• Minor Studios (Presented by Dave Werner and Martin Reptto)
• Playce (Presented by Carmel Gerber)
• Shattered Reality (Presented by Damon Grow and Eric Stone)
• Truecar (Presented by Scott Painter Tom Taira)
• VideoSurf (Presented by Lior Delgo and Dr. Eitan Sharon)
• GazoPa (Presented by Hideki Kobayashi and Go Kojima)