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Teachers may go to computer school

President Clinton is proposing a $2 billion project to educate teachers on computers.

President Clinton says he wants teachers to be as comfortable at a computer keyboard as they are at a chalkboard, and he's urging lawmakers to fund a $2 billion project that will help achieve that goal.

At a White House ceremony honoring schools Wednesday, Clinton announced 21st Century Teachers, an initiative to bring 500,000 teachers up to speed on computers, software, and networks over the next five years. In his speech, Clinton proposed making citizenship and computer literacy a part of every educational curriculum in the country, the report said.

The initiative will be coordinated by the Clinton administration, private groups, companies, and organizations such as the National PTA and the American Federation of Teachers.

But it remains unclear if Clinton's ambitious program will get off the ground. As legislators hammer out a plan to balance the federal budget, Republicans in Congress are opposing the president's push to increase educational spending.

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