Tandem filling top slots

In Tandem's latest round of hiring to strengthen management, Enrico Pesatori joins the computer maker as president and chief operating officer.

Dawn Kawamoto Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Dawn Kawamoto
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In its latest round of hiring to strengthen management, Tandem Computers (TDM) announced today that Enrico Pesatori has joined the computer maker as president and chief operating officer. He will also serve on the board.

Pesatori, former general manager of Digital Equipment's computer systems division, will be responsible for the daily operations, business units, and worldwide sales and marketing.

Roel Pieper, former president, will continue as chief executive and assume the additional role of vice chairman and director. Pieper will continue to have the legal and finance departments report to him, and the two executives will share planning of the future direction of the company.

"Tandem is changing. It is focusing on a blended [Microsoft] Windows NT and Himalaya [server platform] strategy more and more. It is clearly requiring a different set a skill sets, a broader set of skill sets," Pieper said at a press conference.

Pesatori, who had joined Digital in 1993, launched an Intel-based personal computer business there and grew its revenues to $2.5 billion in three years. He was named general manager of the computer systems division a year later, where he oversaw research and development, manufacturing and distribution, high-end systems, workstations, and system software, which included Windows NT.

He has also served as chief executive and president at Zenith Data Systems and spent more than two decades at the now financially troubled Italian computer maker Olivetti.

During his tenure, Pesatori was president and chief executive of Olivetti North America and also Docutel-Olivetti, along with head of Olivetti Systems Group. He oversaw marketing, manufacturing and R&D.

Pesatori left Digital three months ago, and after reviewing several offers selected Tandem, he said. The choice was based on Pieper's vision for the company and his ability to establish a management team to move the company in the Windows NT arena, Pesatori added.

Pieper, who joined the company in January, has hired nearly a dozen new executives from a senior vice president and general manager of strategic business partners to a vice president of product marketing and management.

One of Pieper's first major product revamps will take place Wednesday, when Tandem will unveil its first servers based on Intel chips and running Windows NT.

The company will position its computers to handle electronic commerce applications for large customers and will also announce it has ported its ServerNet architecture to the NT platform. ServerNet is a clustering technology that works within a single computer or in a network of computers to distribute data to multiple processors.

Pesatori also cited Tandem's profitability as another reason for joining the company. The computer maker saw a slight drop in revenue and net profits in the fourth quarter ending September 30, but it was attributed to discontinued operations with its UB Networks and a restructuring charge.