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It's now easier to add Google Drive files to Evernote

Add files with the click of a button.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Evernote and Google Drive are joining forces, bringing all of your Google Drive files within easy reach of Evernote's organizational structure.

You've always been able to add Google Drive files to Evernote manually, but it involved copying a link from Google Drive and pasting it into Evernote, and then, most likely, writing a quick description to give some context to an otherwise indecipherable URL.

Now, Evernote offers a helpful Google Drive button in its toolbar so you can add Google Drive files without needing to jump out of and back into Evernote. And instead of showing up in Evernote as a link, Google Drive files appear as thumbnails. The thumbnails feature an icon to show the file type along with the title of the file and the date it was last modified. Clicking on the thumbnail opens the file in a new tab. You can also open the file or copy it via the triple-dot button on the right edge of a Google Drive file's thumbnail.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Google Drive files are also searchable within Evernote, to a point. The title of a Google Drive file attached in Evernote is searchable, but the text in the actual file is not.

In order to try out this new Google Drive integration, you need to use the beta version of Evernote. Click the "Try beta" button at the top of Evernote to switch to the beta. You will then need to grant access to Google Drive when Evernote asks.

This Evernote and Google Drive integration is available on Evernote via Chrome on the Web and Android, with "even tighter integration" and other platforms to follow soon, according to Evernote.