'Tailored tweets' make their debut on iOS, Android apps

The refreshed Twitter app's Discover page now conjures up a list of stories based on what Twitter assumes are your interests.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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Twitter has tweaked its iOS and Android apps to show tweets tailored just for you, much the way its Web site has done since September.

A tap on the Discover page in the apps now displays a few select stories at the top, all considered relevant to you but not ones that you're necessarily already following. Tapping on the "View all stories" link brings up even more tweets that Twitter believes will interest you.

Each story offers a brief description, photo, and link, so you can quickly browse through the list and just tap on the ones you wsh to read.

"We want Discover to be the place where you find the best of that content relevant to you, even if you don't necessarily know everyone involved," Twitter said in its blog. "For example, we redesigned it to show a continuous stream of Tweets with photos and links to websites, in which you can also now see Tweets from activity, based on your network favorites. We also added new signals to better blend together all the most relevant Tweets for you, and implemented polling so you know whenever there are fresh Tweets to see."

Updated yesterday, Twitter's iOS and Android apps include a few other changes.

Searching now brings relevant photos and videos to the top of your search results. Each result displays a preview of the linked story.

Managing your account is also a bit simpler from your mobile device. iOS and Android users can reset their passwords from their respective mobile apps. iOS users who've opted to protect their tweets can now manage follower requests from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.