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Swap old stuff for new stuff with Commuto

Got some old junk laying around? Check out Commuto, a swap site that will help you find people who want it and have something you want in return.

Commuto is a smart swapping community that's been designed to undermine the in-person swap meet of the past with an online system that finds other people with items you want automatically.

Like Craigslist's wanted section you can list items you're looking for, be it electronics, text books, video games, or any other common good. You can also list items you own but are looking to pawn off. To aid in that, there's a built in search that will let you pull in things like box art and product information so you don't have to type anything in. I found it to be less than complete for some older items, but for things like books, video games, and DVDs, it picked up nearly everything I searched for.

After you've posted a wanted item, other people within your area will be alerted to the fact that you're in need and offer to swap one of their own items. Alternately, if they've already listed ownership of said item, the service will do a little virtual handshake to introduce you to the other person.

Like Craiglist, Commuto is all about keeping things local, so there's no integrated payment system or way to auction off your goods. Instead, you just get in touch with the other person and arrange a swap. It's delightfully simple and will work great as long as there are enough users in your area. There were only eight items in my neck of the woods, so your millage may vary.

Managing a successful trade on Commuto requires time, but less than you might get waiting for it to sell on eBay. CNET Networks