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Survey: Just 40% of PC users plan to upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8 isn't taking off quite how Microsoft intended, according to a new survey.

Despite being Microsoft's biggest launch for a decade, it looks like Windows 8 is having less of an impact than its predecessor, according to a new survey.

The online study, by Toluna QuickSurveys, says just 39 per cent of PC owners are planning on upgrading to Microsoft's latest operating system, the Guardian reports. Windows 7 is the most-used OS among the survey's respondents, with 28 per cent saying they use it to boot up. Just 14 per cent have already upgraded to Windows 8.

Things are a little better when it comes to tablets, though. The proportion of respondents planning on buying a Windows 8-powered tablet (13 per cent) is about equal with those who want one running iOS or Android. But unfortunately for Microsoft, Windows RT -- which runs on its Surface device -- was the least popular tablet OS, with just 2 per cent.

These figures support what we've been hearing elsewhere, too. Last week came word from a source within Microsoft that sales of Windows 8 PCs were "well below Microsoft's internal projections". The company was said to have described sales as "disappointing". All we have by way of official figures is that Microsoft has sold 4 million copies of Windows 8, and that sales of its Surface tablet have been "modest".

Windows 7 was adopted at a much faster rate, according to the Guardian. When that OS launched three years ago, stats showed that within a week and a half it accounted for 3.6 per cent of all PCs tracked by research company Net Applications. Windows 8 has been on sale about a month now, and only makes up 1.01 per cent of all users visiting sites tracked by the same company.

All of which has to be galling for Microsoft, even if you acknowledge Windows 7 had a running start from users desperate to ditch the dismal Windows Vista.

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