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Facebook use during sex? Many seem to 'like' it

Condom maker Durex says many of us have the wrong formula for lovemaking. Although he's no expert, Crave's Eric Mack tends to agree.

Can romance be multitasked? Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

A full 5 percent of folks have checked Facebook during lovemaking, a new survey finds.

I'm not sure if I should be disturbed or impressed by such an apparent mastery of multitasking. If this is what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind when constructing Facebook and his vision of a world where everything is shared, I definitely would never have accepted all those friend requests from family members.

Of course, checking status updates and tapping on chatheads is the least of today's mid-coital distractions, according to the survey conducted i the UK for condom maker Durex by OnePoll, which did not share its methodology or the sample size used. It also found that 12 percent had answered a phone call during sex and 10 percent had read a text in the midst of the act.

I don't consider myself a guru in the fields of either sex or social media, but I am confident enough to say that combining the two probably means you're doing one of them wrong.

While the Durex study seems to be far from scientific, it does reflect a trend. A more formal national study found young Britons having less sex today than in the past, with social media perhaps partly to blame.

For its part, Durex is going all John and Yoko-style on the problem by encouraging everyone to spend the hour between 8:30 and 9:30 in bed on March 29 without any lights on, including those that emanate from the screens of our favorite devices.

It's a romantic notion and an interesting way to sell more condoms, but more importantly, it's a way to at least temporarily reduce the volume of selfies that no one else should ever have to look at.