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Sun readies tools line for Solaris 10

Development tools for upcoming upgrade to Unix operating system will be coming soon.

Sun Microsystems has updated its development tools in preparation for the release later this year of Solaris 10, a major upgrade to its Unix operating system.

A Java developer kit specifically tuned for creating Solaris 10 applications will be available later this year that includes a Java virtual machine for running Java programs on AMD 64-bit processor-based machines. Later this year, Sun will also release Sun Studio 10, a programming tool for C, C++, Fortran and Java, which includes a compiler for Solaris 10. Sun on Tuesday also provided details of Java Studio Enterprise 7, a Java programming tool which is in beta testing now and set for release in the beginning of next year. The update will allow programmers to communicate via an instant messaging program built into the development tool; provide support for the unified modeling language; and include a tool designed to quickly debug performance problems during development.