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Study: Fox Interactive tops digital display ad market

The company, owner of MySpace and other properties, grabbed the largest piece of the digital display ad market in June, ComScore says.

Updated August 27 at 4:14 p.m. PDT, with correction to Fox Interactive Media's ranking for the preceding month.

Fox Interactive Media grabbed the most market share among digital display ad publishers in the month of June, according to a report released Tuesday by ComScore Ad Metrix.

Fox Interactive, which owns MySpace, accounted for 15.9 percent of display ad views, or impressions, during the month of June, followed by Yahoo, which ranked second with 10.5 percent of the market. The results marked the third consecutive month that Fox Interactive has maintained a lead over Yahoo, since ComScore changed its methodology for counting ad impressions.

ComScore has since changed its methodology to a "filtered" methodology, in which house ads and small "chicklet" ads that are roughly the size of a piece of Chicklet gum were disregarded in the tabulation of impressions, said Andrew Lipsman, ComScore senior analyst.

That said, the remaining top five Internet publishers retained their ranking in the month of June, which saw a total of 329.8 million digital display ad page views.

AOL, owned by Time Warner, ranked third with 5.8 percent of the display ad market, Microsoft topped out at fourth with a 4.7 percent market share, and Google hit a distant fifth with 1.5 percent market share.

Fox Interactive relied heavily on MySpace for its ad impressions, which accounted for 51 billion of Fox's 52.3 billion ad displays. Yahoo, which racked up 34.7 million ad impressions in June, reached 130 million unique users with its ads. According to ComScore, Yahoo reached the most users over any other publisher.

Lipsman, meanwhile, cautioned that the June results are a snapshot, given comparable year-ago figures are not available due to the tabulation changes.

Stay tuned for July results...