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Streamy: The do-it-all RSS reader

Streamy is an upcoming social-news discovery and bookmarking service that looks great.

Here's a new service I can't wait to use--in part for its good looks, and also for its attempt at combining several different news and social services together in a user-friendly manner. It's called Streamy, and the easiest way to describe it is a mashup of Google Reader, Meebo, and Twitter. The emphasis however, is on Web content, and how to make it both easy to read and share with others.

Like AOL's Mgnet, which I took a look at yesterday, Streamy provides customized newsfeeds based on your interests and viewing habits. You can build up your own set of RSS feeds and see what your friends are up to in real time. There's also a built-in IM component to let you chat and share story links without leaving the site. Streamy has its own proprietary IM network for Streamy users, but it also lets users log in to other IM networks like AIM.

The front page of Streamy gets its stories from the most-read items by Streamy users. In that regard, it's similar to Spotplex[review], although from the looks of the preview screencast, it offers a whole lot more.

No word yet on when Streamy will be opened up to the public. In the meantime there's a defunct signup page, and a whole lot of blue.