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'Stranger Things' closes in on 'Game of Thrones' reign

It's a tight race between the Netflix drama and the HBO juggernaut for the title of most in-demand TV show, according to Parrot Analytics.

Todo en 'Stranger Things' es un tributo a la cultura de los años ochenta

In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die. Thankfully, the stakes are a lot lower in the game of audience demand, where the paranormal nostalgia series "Stranger Things" is inching closer to knocking off top dog "Game of Thrones."

Parrot Analytics

Parrot Analytics, which measures audience demand across all platforms, has HBO's "Game of Thrones" ranked in the top spot for the first week in August. Netflix's "Stranger Things" is right on its tail, though, and could soon surpass the show outright buoyed by positive reviews and strong word of mouth from eager fans.

The Netflix series, which borrows heavily from the themes and styles of popular 1980s fantasy, horror and science fiction titles, is already dominating demand among digital titles. Passing a juggernaut like "Game of Thrones" would be a whole new milestone.

Other series in the top five include AMC's "Preacher," USA Network's "Mr. Robot" and Freeform's "Pretty Little Liars."