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Stop YouTube Music from running up data charges

The YouTube Music app now lets you stream only when you are on Wi-Fi.

Even if you don't pay for YouTube Red to remove ads and to gain the ability to play tunes in the background or when you are offline, the YouTube Music app (for iOS or for Android) is a great way to listen to the seemingly endless supply of music on YouTube. It queues up songs in a playlist so you can keep listening without needing to pick the next song yourself. All of this easy listening, however, can run up your phone bill if you are rocking out when you are away from Wi-Fi.

To prevent you from going over your monthly data allotment, the YouTube Music app has added a toggle switch to stream via Wi-Fi only. It also made it a bit easier to browse with the addition of a "More from" button. Let's have a look at these two new additions.

Stream via Wi-Fi only

To stop yourself from streaming on a cellular signal, tap the hamburger button in the upper-left corner and tap Settings. On the setting screen, tap the toggle switch to Stream via Wi-Fi only.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

More from your favorite artists

The other feature added with this update is a "More from" button, which appears under the artist info when you are watching a video. To see more songs from the artist you are listening to, tap the little triangle along the right edge to expand the artist info page and you should see "More from Willie Nelson" or whichever artist is currently playing. This button won't appear for every video you watch on YouTube Music. For NPR's excellent Tiny Desk Concert series, for example, most videos didn't include the "More from" button.

For more, see how to get started with YouTube Music.