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Stephen Colbert and his eyebrows introduce the 'Colbert emoji'

The "Late Show" host talks about a new emoji dubbed the "Colbert emoji" by the Unicode Consortium. Insert surprised-face and thumbs-up emojis here.

Stephen Colbert had a segment on his old show "The Colbert Report" called "Who's Honoring Me Now?" In it, the egomaniacal alter-ego of the late-night comedian would dedicate an entire segment of his "news" show to something being named after him, like a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, a baby bald eagle and even a treadmill used by astronauts on the International Space Station.

Even though he's no longer playing a right-wing TV commentator with a cult-like following, Colbert's still being honored in similar ways.

The latest comes from the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit that regulates characters and text represented by computer systems. Unicode Consortium President and Co-Founder Mark Davis nicknamed one of the organization's newly approved emojis, originally submitted with the moniker "Face With One Eyebrow Raised," as the "Colbert emoji" on his Twitter account.

Colbert couldn't resist talking about the namesake emoji on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Tuesday, when he showed his audience ways they could incorporate the emoji into their online conversations, as well as use similar face expressions in their real-world conversations. (Disclosure: "The Late Show" runs on CBS, parent company of CNET.) I'm still hoping someone comes up with an emoji or facial expression that expresses feelings for "truthiness."