Starz to Raise Its Subscription Price by $1 Next Week

The change comes after the premiere of a new season of Outlander.

Meara Isenberg Writer
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Meara Isenberg
The STARZ streaming app.
Sarah Tew/CNET

It's about to cost a bit more to stream Starz. Starting June 26, a subscription to the streaming service will go from $9 per month to $10. It'll be the first price increase for the standalone service since it launched in 2016.

The change will go into effect around the same time that Paramount Plus hikes its subscription prices when it integrates Showtime into the service. Disney Plus is also expected to raise the price of its ad-free offering by the end of the year. 

Starz's ad-free subscription will now cost the same per month as Netflix's Basic ad-free tier, but it'll still cost less per month than ad-less Hulu, Max and Disney Plus. (Max replaced HBO Max last month, and its ad-free streaming subscription is still $16 per month.) Starz currently offers a promotion where you can get three months for $15.

Starz offers series like Party Down, P-Valley, The Serpent Queen and Outlander, which premiered a new, two-part season 7 on June 16. In her review of Starz, CNET's Kourtnee Jackson referred to the streamer as "an intriguing alternative to its better-known rivals," noting that the Starz network promotes diversity and representation in its originals and that its cost is "a low price for a service with Starz's selection and no commercials interrupting what you watch."

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