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Staples and RadioShack pull Amazon lockers from stores

The brick-and-mortar stores have removed the lockers used for temporarily storing purchases for Amazon customers, Bloomberg reports.

Amazon lockers in a New York 7-Eleven.
Adam Matan

Staples and RadioShack have removed Amazon's temporary storage lockers from their brick-and-mortar stores, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

The storesadded the lockers to their sites last year but have decided that housing a competitor's storage units wasn't a good idea. The lockers allowed Amazon customers to have their purchases delivered to a secure location that they could visit at their convenience. Amazon also has lockers in 7-Eleven and other competitors' locations. The units are meant to give Amazon an opportunity to compete with brands like Best Buy and Walmart, which offer in-store pick up for their online customers.

It was an odd move for Staples and RadioShack in the first place, considering Amazon is a major competitor for both companies, and it seems whatever foot traffic they were hoping to gain was not enough for the stores to keep the added lockers around.

Staples told Bloomberg that it was testing the lockers' placement and decided to end the partnership because the setup fell short of expectations as discussed by the companies. Similarly, RadioShack said the lockers didn't fit with the company's strategy, which involves reducing clutter in stores.