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Square Wallet gets a major aesthetic redesign

Version 3.0 of the mobile payment company's app features a full visual redesign and lets users pay with one less step.

A look at the latest version of Square Wallet, which was released today.
Screenshot by CNET

Square Wallet, the mobile app that lets users pay for goods at thousands of retailers, got a major facelift Thursday.

Version 3.0 of Square Wallet is essentially an aesthetic reboot of the earlier iteration of the app, which allows Square users to pay wirelessly when a retailer has implemented Square Register on an iPad.

Square said that it has used an all new "visual language" with the latest version, and indeed, the update features much clearer imagery and a slicker user interface.

Square has also made it easier, it said, for users to find businesses that accept payments via its service, as well as to sift through menu choices, keep track of their visits, and pay using just their name. And it has removed a step from its so-called one-click check-ins. Previously, Square Wallet required tapping the name of the retailer, and then clicking to pay. Now, users can pay with a single click on the retailer's name.