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All the Internet cares about is spotting the panda in this puzzle image

Can you find a panda hiding among a sea of snowmen? This find-it puzzle from illustrator Gergely Dudás has the Internet masses all excited.

Finding the panda in a sea of snowmen can be difficult and frustrating, as many have learned. (Click to enlarge.)
Gergely Dudás

The Internet hasn't been this frustrated since the dress.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás -- using the moniker Dudolf -- posted an image of snowmen to his Facebook page on December 16, challenging his friends to find the panda hiding in the sea of snowmen.

A few of them managed to spot the panda pretty quickly, but many others struggled. Quite a bit, actually.

That divide continued when the rest of the Internet came across the picture on Tuesday. Comments on Dudolf's photo and on sites like Buzzfeed are teeming with folks saying they either spotted the panda within seconds of viewing the picture (and that those who can't see the panda are idiots, because hey, this is the Internet) or that they were struggling to spot the panda amid the sea of snowmen.

Count me in the latter category -- yes, Internet, I'm an idiot -- as it took me about five minutes to finally find that stupid panda.

Dudolf posted an equally frustrating image of a cat hiding in an army of owls on Sunday, and the struggle was pretty much the same. Though, I am proud to say it only took me about a minute to find the cat, and no, I didn't just point to the cat I actually own that was pawing at the screen while I was trying to find the onscreen kitty.


The trick to solving these puzzles is to focus on the noses. All of the snowmen have carrots for noses, and the panda doesn't. In the owl picture, a cat's nose looks much different than an owl's beak. Once you start focusing on the noses, your frustration will disappear as you'll be able to spot both the panda and the cat pretty quickly, joining the rest of the cool kids at the cool table on the Internet.


The cat hiding among the owls is a little easier, but can still be pretty frustrating.