Spotify's mobile users skyrocket since free streaming launch

The music streaming service's listener base is growing -- four times as many people are downloading the mobile app than a week ago.

Dara Kerr Former senior reporter
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Dara Kerr
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It's been one week since Spotify announced it would allow anyone on an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone to use its music streaming app free of charge. And, it appears this was a good move for the company as far as growing its listener base.

The streaming music service said Thursday that downloads of the app have increased by four times in the last week; this means four times as many people are downloading the app today compared with a week ago. While Spotify would not release specific numbers, it's likely a hefty amount of people are downloading the app.

In March, Spotify said it had surpassed 6 million subscribers, a gain of 1 million since December 2012, but it hasn't updated its user numbers since then. Spotify also has more than 24 million active users in 55 markets worldwide. A year ago, the company's service reached only 17 countries.

Still, it's lagging behind Pandora, which has around triple the amount with 72.4 million active listeners and more than 200 million registered users.

Before Spotify launched its free mobile music streaming, users could only listen to the service on desktop or a browser-based program for free. However, premium members who paid $10 a month had access to the service through other devices.

Besides saying it has a bevy of new users downloading its mobile app, Spotify also announced Thursday that it's now ranked in the top 10 in the iOS App Store in over 20 markets worldwide, including the US, UK, and most of Latin America.