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Spotify blames malware attack on a single ad

"Questionable website pop-ups" get in the way for some users of the free version of the streaming-music service.

Some users did not have a great experience with Spotify over the last few days.
Josh Goldman/CNET

Spotify wasn't just serving up tunes over the last few days.

The streaming music company confirmed that some listeners on the free version of its service saw "questionable website pop-ups" that continually opened up a device's browser. The company, which counts about 70 million people as users of its commercial-driven free service, confirmed the problem in a response to a user complaint on its community site.

The problem is called "malvertising" -- aggressive or ill-intentioned ads that, like malware, take control of some functions of your computer. Some users complained of actual malware getting installed on their computers.

Spotify blamed a single ad and said it has shut that ad down. "We will continue to monitor the situation," it said.

The company declined to comment beyond the statement.